Europe and Mediterranean marine fish identification guide, 4th Edition updated

880 species, 1480 photos, 1440 drawings

Patrick LOUISY
2920 illustrations - 512 pages
Format : 17.5 x 23.5
ISBN : 9782379222689
Année d'édition : 2022
45.00 €


This identification guide includes all the marine fish species that may be encountered in coastal of Western Europe and the Mediterranean up to 50 m depth.


Richness of illustration

It offers the vastest iconography ever gatherded on marine fish of the area: not only a profuse collection of photographs, but also line drawings illustrating the key distinctive features of each species.


A simple and yet rigorous approach

Although scientifically rigorous, this book focuses on simple visual criteria to identify fish in their environment. Fishermen and amateur divers will enjoy it as much as students or scientists!


This updated edition includes lots of recent information on European and Mediterranean fish, as evidenced by 20 new species, more than 50 distribution maps updated, over 40 new drawings and 30 additional photos...

And signification work has been done on the relevance and reliability of the identification criteria, making it possible  to differentiate a number of species that remained previously hardly distinguishable.


  • open water swimmers
  • bottom swimmers
  • bottom dwellers
  • sharks and rays
Patrick LOUISY
  • Docteur en océanologie, ichtyologue et aquariologiste, Patrick Louisy est également un photographe sous-marin reconnu.
  • Il a déjà publié plus de 30 livres sur la mer, les poissons et la plongée, et ses articles de vulgarisation ne se comptent plus.
  • Il est docteur scientifique de l'association Peau-Bleue, et chercheur associé au laboratoire ECOMERS de l'université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis.




  • The author Doctor in Biological Oceanology, professional aquarist and underwater photographer, Patrick Louisy is a leading expert in fish visual identification.
  • He has published more than 30 books and countless popularization articles about fish, marine environment and diving. He is presently scientific manager of the French scientific association Peau-Bleue, and associate researcher in the laboratory ECOMERS (Nice University).
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